Reporting & Analytics

Tixly comes equipped with many standard reports and tools to help you and your event stakeholders track sales and discover customer preferences for highly-targeted event promotions, marketing and customer relationship development.

Tixly Stats App

Download our free Stats App and get event statistics right in your pocket. Log in with the same credentials as for Boxoffice, and see the same events you have access to in the system. Quickly get key figures such as number of tickets sold today and yesterday, total revenue of upcoming events and sold amount of tickets per day the last 14 days. Navigate to see more event specific statistics such as sold, reserved and allocated tickets along with revenue and sold tickets per ticket type.

Event Projection Report

Use this tool to calculate the turn-over of your sales for future events. Change your layout of price zone, and adjust your predicted sales in different ticket types to see how this affects the occupancy and projected revenue.

This is a great tool to figure out what your ticket prices should be.

Subscription Statistics

Keep track of your subscription sales: See who has renewed this season, and who needs to be contacted a second time. See your new subscribers and track the movements between series, and which customers are changing which concerts they want to see.

Sales Statistics

Use one of the sales reports to give you key figures and overview in the way that suits you best: For example Sales by Week lists all productions, highlighting the ones with best sales performance. Daily Sales are used to get all sales figures on a transaction periode, event periode or both in combination. Sale Summary breaks down the week or month with subtotals for both online, subscription, free tickets and more. All reports come with a graphical presentation and interative elements for filtering, sorting and searching. All reports can of cours be exported to CSV, Excel or printeds as PDFs


Easily look up detailed information about your customers, per event or for multiple events. The customer report can be used both for seating information, reservations and cancelled tickets. We automatically place customers (with an address) on a map, break down by city or zipcoden and sales by online and local for a quick overview.

The reservation and sales lists can be called up for a particular event with one click from the sales screen.

Gift Cards

Our Gift card report shows you the status of giftcard sales and offers comparison for prior months.

Use the report to find specific orders or just to get an overview. Put in a date periode, and see all sold, used or expired gift cards for tha period.