Online sales

With Tixly, your ticket buyers and loyal customers can do almost anything online. This helps you save time and resources and focus on creating an even better experience for your customers.

Our Online Buying Processes

The Tixly system is designed with the online sales platform as a central element as it accounts for the vast majority of all sales for all current clients using the system. Ticket flows accommodate both private persons and larger company sales, supporting sales configured to any need. Everything is fully responsive and can be branded to fit your organisation's visual appearance.

Our buying flows are light, fast and obstacle free. This in turn creates happy customers and a higher conversion and ticket sales!

360 Degree View from the Seat

Let your customers explore the view from seats in your hall. Built in to our buying processes, a picture on each seat can be set and dragged around in full 360 degrees.

Give your ticket buyers assurance when choosing tickets - especially useful in venus with elaborate hall layout and with many levels, balconies etc.

Bundle Your Tickets and Products

Bundle additional services such as a dining experience automatically in the purchase when choosing specific tickets. Your customers will get both a ticket and a product voucher. Its easy to create products directly in the setup, and each item (ticket and product) can be separate with different VAT and accounting settings.

My Page for Ticket Buyers.

Let your customers create logins to keep tickets and purchases in one place. The customer can also access past purchases and upcoming events to download tickets. The customer also uses the personal profile to access subscription renewals, web reservations, handling permissions and accessing his/her personal offers.

For logged in users, Tixly can detect if your customer are eligible for an offer and automatically offer for example membership prices or special discounts.

Your customers can easily create a login with Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Let Your Customers Exchange Tickets Online

This powerful feature has saved many Tixly clients a huge amount of time in the Covid-19 period, and enabled them to retain their sold tickets on rescheduled or changed shows.

Allow your customers to exchange their tickets online via self service and save a lot of time. Make it possible to exchange seats in a show or select a different performance as substitution for a cancelled one. Or as a general service, offer self service ticket exchange for all events for a fee.

Online exchange can be offered free of charge or be subject to a handling fee that the customer pays. A one-time free change (and subsequent changes are paid) is also optional.

Notify Ticket Buyers of Subscription Savings

Let your ticket buyers know that an event can be purchased at lower prices in a subscription or through a membership. You can configure you own text and provide a link to buy the subscription.

This can both be used for subscription and campaign links, and can help you obtain a loyal customer base that are always offered the best price.

Add-On Product Sales

Products can be sold in connection with ticket sales, and are offered in a dedicated step in the buying flow. You have full control over which products are offered using timed expiry (for example 12 hours before show for food) and stock quotas.

Products can also be added to the order online at a later time. You ticket buyer can access their purchase via my Page or their receipt. The system can even send automatic reminder emails to customers who bought tickets, but not yet products (provided a permission to contact the customer is given).

Each item in the system carries its own VAT rate, and products are registered in the system separate from tickets with regards to all settlement and accounting.

Sell Gift Cards Online

You can set up your own gift card designs with Tix. Create multiple different PDF layouts, and allow your customers to put in a personal message.

You can also create gift cards that can only be used for specific purposes (e.g. specific events) and let different organisations within your group to have each their own brand.

All gift cards can be purchased and used both locally and online.

Voucher Codes

Set up voucher codes that your customers can use in the buying process online. Codes can be set up for any event and ticket types in the system giving you full control.