Box Office is web based and can be operated from a browser on any device.

The administration module contains all you need to configure events, users, tickets, layouts. All changes you do a immediately reflected online.

Create event

Creating event is fast and intuitive in Tixly. With only a few mouse clicks a event with standard settings can be put up for immediate sales, online and in box office.

All settings can be added within a few minutes, and subsequent changes will reflect at once. We designed event creation to be easy and use as many defaults and smart selections as possible.

Bulk Edit

It's easy to change many events at the same time with our powerful Bulk edit feature.

If you need to for example change the name of events, change or add ticket types, you can do it for multiple events with only a few clicks. Check out the video below.

Create Campaign Links in a Few Seconds

We believe our ticket system could win a medal for fast creation of campaign links: Just set your ticket type on the event at click a button to get your link - Voila! All is ready to be sent out.

Of course many more settings can be applied such as passwords, quota management or seating rules. You can also connect a special offer to specific customer groups, such as your memberships customers.

Edit Hall Settings

Tixly offers advanced features to edit and copy settings on the hall view. So you can make changes to one show and copy it out to the rest of the shows. You can make changes to single events without affecting the original template, or you can choose to copy your changes back to the template.

Design Your Own Tickets and Emails

Edit and create templates for all sorts of tickets, gift cards, memberships in the built in layout editor.

You can add many different dynamic fields and rules, add pictures, adverts, information and logos in any way you want. Create an unlimited amount of layouts and attach to individual events, products, ticket types and more.

There is also a powerful message editor, giving you full control over every single mail and SMS sent our from the system.

Refund All Card Payments in Bulk

When times are rough and events are cancelled, this is really a time saver and a magic bullet for customer satisfaction.

Select all orders in one bulk and refund them with a few clicks. you select whether fees and add-on products are included or not. All tickets for the selected customers are then cancelled, and the payments are refunded via the payment gateway API. A confirmation email is then sent out to the customer that they can expect the money back within a few days.