Marketing & Social Media

In addition to being a full featured ticketing system, Tixly is equipped with a suite of functions designed to enable marketing efforts and customer communication directly from the system. This gives you faster, simpler and in many cases automatic marketing on event level and to have access to all aspects of customer communication, both in online presence emails, tickets and marketing efforts.

In many cases, organisers can replace existing tools with functionality in Tixly - and save both time and money!

Analytics & Retargeting Dashboard

Tixly aggregates and integrates all your tracking data from Google Analytics and Facebook tracking directly into a dashboard in the system

Get an overview of your potential sale on upcoming shows to increase ticket sales and raise the occupancy levels on your upcoming events.

From the dashboard it is possible to create Google and Facebook audiences directly and then create targeted advertising towards the customers that have shown interest in specific events in the respective Ads system. 

Customer Segmentation

With this tool you can create customer segments based on purchase behaviour and customer data directly in the system.

For example one segment could be all customers that bought events within a genre, and then refined and filtered by various parameters, such as purchase value, customer tag, gender/age, address/distance to venue, latest purchase date. Every parameter can be combined and the segment's size is displayed immediately on screen, giving you feedback while experimenting with the segment. When you are ready, click a button to get your list automatically transferred to your mailtool eg. MailChimp or Apsis.

Automated Messages to Your Customers

Use the built in message system for automated emails and SMS messages before and after attending the event - also known as post/pre mail. Or send out a message to everyone when you have a cancellation.

You can create any type of email: Practical information, remind customers of add-on purchases, post-show questionnaires etc. Create as many templates you want - use our defaults or create your own HTML. We log all communication in the system’s history logging on order and customer level. - including opening and read rates.


Define your own permissions for direct marketing both online and in local sales. Create as many different signups as needed and choose if it's general (for example a newsletter) offered in relation to all sales, or specific only specific events.

We already have the integration for many popular email tools such as MailChimp, Apsis, Campaign Monitor and Email platform. This means you get two way synchronisation of permissions across all platforms (opt-out is possible both in Tixly and in the mail tool), automated recipient lists and other exports out of the box.

Track your online traffic

We have built in options to provide tracking keys and account IDs for all popular trackers, including Google Tag Manager, which allow you to fill in any type of code. Individual tracking can be made on events or campaigns. We support cross domain tracking, so you can follow a ticket buyer from start to end. Examples of existing integrations:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics / e-commerce / Google Ads
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Twitter Conversion