Box Office Sales

The sales and customer service features within our Boxoffice service, are intuitive and easy to use. Boxoffice is designed to give you quick access to central functions, such as event and customer search, simple purchase processes with minimal clicks, as well as dedicated dashboards for every area of your Performing Arts venue or Culture house ticketing operations.

Sell Tickets from Boxoffice

Selling tickets are super fast and easy in Boxoffice. Selects seats in the hall with a lasso function, and configure the ticket types before search up a customer for the purchase using either name, email or phone.

A typical sale can be done less than a minute. There is even a quick sale mode to do it even faster!

If you connect a payment terminal to the system, the amounts and payment detailed can be automated and stored in the system on each transaction.

Make a Web Reservation

Any reservation made in the system can be web-enabled with a few clicks.

Send an email (based on a template fully controlled by you) with the reservation details directly from the system containing information about the reservation and a link for the customers to pay for the reservation and download the tickets online.

This is one of the ways to truly move customers from local or phone sales to online.

Event Search

Very central in a Ticket Boxoffice is the ability to quickly find events and provide an overview of available tickets

Tixly offers search-as-you-type for all types of search. When you want to find events, you can search by hall name, genre, promoter. You can even add weekday or month to your search and filter out results already as you type.

The results showns are designed to provide key information about availability and sale status.

Product Sales

Selling products either on top of tickets or standalone is simple and easy.

You can tell the system to automatically offer related products to specific events, and the product sales screen have categories, search function and all there is needed to provide fast sales of merchandise and products.

Pick the Dashboards Right for Your Role

Tixly comes equipped with different overview screens we call Dashboards. There is one for every typical role in your organisation, Sales, Marketing, Promoters, Scanning

Dashboards all have fast access to search functions, and are all design to provide key information at a glance, such as daily sale figures for the management or upcoming events for the boxoffice. Check out the Analytics Dashboard that agregates visitor data from google analytics!

Subscription sales

Sell all types of subscription from both boxoffice and online. We both offer "pick and choose" where seat can be selected for each event, as well as series where the same seat is automatically selected in the hall for all the events.

See Your Hall Through Different Glasses

Need to quickly make sure a seat alert or entrance is correctly set? Or see where all seats of a specific allocation is hiding? No problem!

You can view hall using many different modes. Each mode use color coding to help clarify things. There is viewmodes for pricezone, entrance, ranking of seats, alerts, sales channel. There is even a animated timeline showing in what order tickets were sold!

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Customer Merging

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