Simple Pricing & Low Cost!

We want the pricing scheme to be simple with no hidden costs, so you know what you pay for. You pay a license fee per sold ticket. The higher the volume, the lower cost per ticket - that's it!

When we say no hidden costs, we mean it

Becoming a customer with Tixly includes everything to get you started. We will set everything up for you - and we will import all of your customer data and ongoing sales from your previous system so you can change systems overnight! Specialists from Tixly will be in your venue for days during the switch, ensuring everything works before we leave.

This is how you save money:

  • No ongoing costs for hosting, upgrades and integrations.
  • No start-up and implementation cost.
  • No extra costs for system user creation and support.
  • No expenses for training and education.
  • No need to buy new hardware.
  • Downscale or simply quit your CRM system.

Take control of payments and your revenue

Tixly is a white label system, and you select your own card acquirer agreement, ensuring that all revenue from both online and local sales goes directly to your own bank account.

We invoice you backwards every month for your sold tickets - simple and transparent!
Tixly has optimized settlement and reconciliation of bank accounts, so you can save time on the daily, weekly and monthly bookkeeping. For example an integration with our finance service can automatically register income and payments on set financial accounts and project numbers.

All customer paid fees are yours to keep and price and the revenue will of course 100% belong to you. On top of this Tixly will help you get happier customers, and sell even more tickets, including both cross selling and upsale.