Musikhuset Aarhus

About the client

Danish venue Musikhuset Aarhus (The Concert Hall of Aarhus) is the largest culture house in Scandinavia. Musikhuset Aarhus enriches, excites and inspires up to a million guests every year, and music is always at the center of attention. With amazing acoustics and beautiful architecture, Musikhuset Aarhus houses more than 1,500 events and concerts each year across its six concert halls and 11 stages. 

In addition to hosting international and national musicians, Musikhuset also house six local and leading actors:


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How they use our system

  • Integrations to finance system, website, email-sender tool, production system
  • Fully branded buying process and communication
  • 150+ daily users in the system, including guest access to promoters, reporting access, sales users and local administrators
  • Full boxoffice sales and customer services
  • Subscription sales, season renewal, sponsor management,
  • Collection of permissions and automated email and SMS services
  • Facebook product catalog and full tracking and Google Analytics E-commerce

Thank you so much for a fantastic collaboration and for helping us through the Covid-19 crisis. We could not have wished for a better partner.
You have been flexible and responsive to our challenges and quick to return with solutions. It has been an invaluable support for Musikhuset and our employees. You have helped us when there has been a lot of pressure, and during illness and holidays. And always contributed with a good mood and "it'll work out" atmosphere.

Bodil Grønlund

Head of Administration