12. August 2022

The Power of Simple and Flexible Ticketing

We’re getting more and more used to seamless digital experiences, where we move from viewing a social media feed through to purchasing an item without having to think too hard about the process. We’re also getting used to gaining access to an event using a barcode or QR code on our phone, rather than a paper ticket.

Consequently, venues are doing their best to deliver the finest service possible to customers and ensure that the customer journey is as smooth as possible, from the beginning of the discovery of the event through to the end of the event and beyond. 

What Are Customers Looking for?


With all the details of previous purchasers at your disposal in your CRM system, you should be as targeted as you can to prove to your audience you really understand them.  We're all now very used to the concept of tailored content, based on our interests and you should make sure that you’re using that information intelligently.

How should ticketing organisations approach this?

Using CRM, venues and organisations can manage or establish much closer relationships with customers. Tixly uses built-in CRM and CMS features as well as API integrations that connect with your external systems. Tixly enables personalised, multi-channel campaigns in a few clicks, helping you engage your customers on their mobiles with the right messages, advertising, and offers, across email, SMS, and social media.

Tixly offers the possibility that all tickets purchased for an event must be allocated to a specific person. This can be added from the client order page before the tickets are downloaded. 


"No returns, no exchanges" is a pre-Covid relic. Events with strong demand may be able to get away with regulations like this, but venues that have been more flexible in their approach have gained very positive feedback from their customers. Ticket purchasers are now able to anticipate the ability to change their plans and failure to provide these options may well become a substantial barrier to booking.

How should ticketing organisations approach this?

Cancelling tickets, whether by choice or due to an unanticipated change in plans, should be as simple a process as booking them. Refunds should not be a hassle, and customers should not have to wait an hour on the phone or wait for months for reimbursements. 

Flexible terms don’t have to be about giving something for free; they might be included in pricing models or offered as a perk to members or regular consumers. If you are unable to amend this policy due to partnerships with the organisers or promoters, there are other ways to provide reassurance at the point of purchase, such as offering customers refund protection or ticket insurance underwritten by a third party.

Ticketing Self-Service is embedded into the Tixly software and CRM, and it provides event organisers with a significant advantage. Instead of overloading customer service employees with calls, emails, and social media posts, customers can handle the entire process themselves- whether they are asking for a refund, or ensuring that their tickets are rolled over to a later date. 

In addition to the self-service refund, Tixly includes a variety of tools that event organisers need in order to maintain a customer-centric advantage in these hard times, including seat changing and refund solutions. Tixly is packed with easy-to-use features that consumers enjoy, from our simple user-focused design to our comprehensive CRM solutions.


To develop stronger audience interactions, it is necessary to understand their preferences in order to generate targeted, personalised marketing activities. From both operational and marketing perspectives, a mobile ticket wallet is a valuable tool for communicating with audiences. Connecting the wallet to an organisation's ticketing platform provides an end-to-end consumer engagement solution. The data collected by these technologies can subsequently be analysed to provide a comprehensive picture of all types of audience members. This will eventually lead to revenue diversification through direct cross-selling and upselling to individuals, as well as greater content innovation.

How should ticketing organisations approach this?

Venues can now take client communication to the next level with today's sophisticated and robust technologies. While the creative talents of your marketing team and the events promoter are generally left to create promotional materials, social media campaigns, and updating website copy, the box office team is becoming increasingly responsible for promotions and audience communications. They generally have more direct insight and a clearer picture, through their box office software, into who is buying which event tickets and why.

How Does Tixly Help?

Even before the pandemic, Tixly predicted that the concept of mobile ticketing would grow exponentially over the following three years, as more people consumed information and increasingly made purchases online via their phones, tablets, etc. 

As a result, in anticipation of their need, there was much work done to deploy more mobile-friendly ticketing methods. We developed mobile solutions for our performing arts, multi-event venue, and cultural organisation customers. 

We managed to put the consumer first by creating a simple, straightforward, and more personalised customer order page, ensuring that their ticketing experience is smooth and enjoyable. 

On the order page, customers can:

  • Download tickets (PDF and mobile)
  • Download product vouchers
  • View receipts
  • View seats in the numbered hall
  • View seat information
  • View recommended events (if activated)
  • Change the date and seats (if activated)
  • Add products to order (if activated)
  • Add a unique name to the tickets (if activated)
  • Send tickets to a friend

So when it comes to flexibility and personalisation you need tools that are built from the ground up with these strengths embedded.  That’s what we’ve done with Tixly and we believe that we can help you to transform your organisation’s ticketing operation.

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