19. March 2021

Welcome to Tix: Luxor Theater

Welcome to Tix: Luxor Theater - we are so thankful for the opportunity to work with you and look forward to our cooperation!

Luxor Theater in Rotterdam is one of the biggest theatres in the Netherlands with two unique auditoriums: the new Luxor Theatre (over 1.500 seats) on the 'Kop van Zuid' and the old Luxor Theatre (over 900 seats) on the Kruiskade in the city centre. Both offer accessible shows in the musical, cabaret, dance, opera, concerts, drama and youth genre.

We were curious about why Luxor Theater chose us and here is what they said:

"We are looking forward to collaborating with TIX as it is a ticketing system ready for the future, and so are we. TIX provides an efficient, user-friendly and flexible program for all of our employees. As we are one of the largest theatres in the country, operating in a fast-changing city TIX perfectly aligns with our plans for the future. On top of that, the system provides endless possibilities to selling more and more tickets and get back in the game even stronger!"