7. June 2022

Successful client meetup in Sweden

Tixly Sweden had its first client meetup after the pandemic at the local office in Gothenburg last week where 25 box office administrators, sales managers and finance managers attended. The theme of the day was set to “What Tixly developed during the pandemic”... which is a lot. 

During the 2 years that have passed we have made improvements and new features counting to over 600 development items. Unfortunately we could not show every single thing thus that would have taken a lot more time than just a day.

But focused on the most innovative, most wanted and things that we thought our clients would appreciate the most it became a great day, giving our clients a lot of new insights and also gave us at Tixly a lot of great feedback directly from them. 

And maybe even more important and fun was to finally meet the clients in one place, sharing knowledge and exchanging experience.  

The day started with breakfast and then continued with our guest speaker Johan Lundell, marketing director at Helsingborg Arena & Scen who spoke about their journey in digital transformation and how they strive after being an organisation that takes ticketing into a new digital era. An important decision they took just a couple of months ago to achieve this was to choose Tixly as their ticketing platform.

Next in line was Pernilla (Product Manager at Tixly) who spoke about all the new features we have developed with our subscription module making it possible to create very flexible solutions where events can be fixed or mandatory or a mix in between. Also about our new GDPR functionality and our refund options along with other minor improvements to our platform.

After lunch Filip (Operation manager and head of implementations at Tixly) enlightened our clients on the different solutions there is in Tixly to use the basket functionality, how one can integrate it into a website or use it without an integration along with how one can setup powerful basket rules to promote events and subscriptions, drive sales and raise the conversion.

The day ended with a well deserved goodie bag for our clients and a little story over how and why we have produced our very own LEGO box office set that they all left with.

It was such a great day and was a good reminder of how important and valuable it is to meet up in person and build relationships with our clients.