15. August 2022

The Icelandic way

Þjóðhátíð - Iceland’s national festival (pronounced Thjoth-Houtith)

Iceland is in many ways a unique country. The first one that pops into your head is probably the natural beauty; waterfalls, Northern lights, volcanoes [or perhaps all the weird letters we use :)]. However, in our mind the most unique aspect is the culture and people. The relentless resilience hardcoded into the nation is something that is so prevalent in every daily situation it really has to be admired. 

As a young ticketing company, started in such a dynamic environment, which Iceland provides - we’ve been bound to adjust to different challenges and help our clients with unique situations.

The most recent one was Þjóðhátíð, Iceland’s largest festival - being held for the first time since 2019. This festival sees some 15,000 visitors coming to visit Heimaey, an island off the coast of Iceland home to 5,000 inhabitants who welcome the festival goers with open arms.

Unique atmosphere - or simply Icelandic?

Unique is the only word that comes to mind to describe the setting and atmosphere.

Maybe it’s the collection of 250 white tents with locals throwing a feast for their friends and visitors over the course of the festival. 

Perhaps it’s the 15,000 people of all ages singing together sitting peacefully for hours on end, with some of the country’s biggest music stars. 

It could also be the father carrying his child’s stroller through the crowds of people on his shoulder. You’ve got to start them young, you see! 

Another option is the giant bonfire one night, firework show the next night and the red flares on the last night. 

Or that the festival is generally run by volunteers, who use the proceeds as a fundraiser for the local youth club. One of the festival organizers offering a pair of 20-year-olds a ride because she overheard them needing to get to the party as soon as possible. 

Or maybe the word isn’t unique. Maybe, it’s just - Icelandic. 

This is just how things get done in this country, you make things work no matter what, or as we say in Icelandic "þetta reddast!"

Those are the circumstances Tixly was born in, and the spirit that will prevail in all of our operations. We make things work and we keep them simple.

Tixly - Welcoming you to Þjóðhátíð (e. Nation’s Festival, quite fitting) in 2023 and in culture houses throughout Europe, all year round.

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